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TomTom Rider and the GPS quest

I bought my TomTom a couple of years ago and still, I am very happy with it.
The Rider was one of the first navigation systems with the so called function "Find a curvy stretch"!

For a motorbike enthusiast this function will eliminate a huge amount of planning-time. I used this in several holidays without any complaints and great routes.

But the post is actually about the only annoying thing I had since I bought it.
A couple of days ago it just stopped receiving a valid GPS signal.
If you start searching for GPS problems you will end up with a huge amount of results and solutions. Like formatting your SD-card and reinstalling the system and so on... well nothing worked for me!

What do you do if software seams not to be the problem? Check the hardware!
I removed the back case and it was pretty obvious why my TomTom wasn't able to receive any signal at all.

The GPS module had no connection to the main board.
Only two pins connect the module and after a view thousand kilometres of vibration, no wonder it broke.

My solution was to attach wires to the module and the main board instead of soldering the existing pins. I also used foam material to reduce the vibrations. I hope that was the first and last time I had problems like this.

I hope I can help some folks with this post. It is not always the Software :)

Cheers, Lukas