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Driving motorbike in Dezember

photo_small In November I thought about driving motorbike, but it was already too cold in Germany. My first idea was to put my bike on the train and leave the country to south, but to my surprise the car-train is a dead end. Most of the provider want to get rid of it cause most people don't use it. Well after that knowledege there was only one thing left. Fly to a different country and rent a bike. After reading through different reports I ended up with http []


My newest advantage is a swing-arm from GSXR 1000 K1 and a bigger wheel from a Bandit 1200 5.5” 180! I contacted the guys from and they provided me with some extra shorten swing-arm. On default the K1 is too wide for my GSF 600. After they sent me everything I had modify the main stand admission: The result looks awesome!! It is not only a design improvement it’ll bring also more stabilit []

Hercules dismantling

Managed it! It was much more difficult to remove the fuel tank and bench without a key ;) Only one thing left, the two bags on the side. Without the key it is not possible to open/dismount it. This the old lether look cannot wait to reupholstered it. As I wrote in the previous post I aready found someone who can provide me with new lether. I think the fuel tank is one of the biggest problems, as you can see there is a lot of rust in it. I ordered []

Hercules a new treasure

New treasure and a extension for my motorcycle collection :) In the next view month I will restore this Old-timer. Goal is to bring it back to the street... Cubic Capacity: 97 ccm Performance: 5 PS / 4 KW Weight: ~240 kg Year Built: 1957 The first view steps will be disassemble the bike and consists record of the parts. I already found some new leather cover for the bench. []