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Prevent Spotify from "freezing" on Linux

photo_small I am a big fan of the Awesome-Windows-Manager for Linux but since a couple of weeks the Spotify-Client is freezing the X-Server for couple of seconds after a track change happened. I've already been thinking about that this has something to do with the track notification from spotify. After some research I discovered the option ui.track_notifications_enabled. After disabling the track notification, Spotify worked quite well again! It can be used []

Debian 7 and Steam

photo_small #Debian 7 and #Steam I was #trying to #install Steam on Debian 7. There is a anoying #lib #problem! If you have also problems with the #libc6 version 2.15, then try following: mkdir ~/steamlibs vi ~/.bashrc # add this to bashrc STEAMLIBS=${HOME}/steamlibs LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${STEAMLIBS} export STEAMLIBS export LD_LIBRARY_PATH download dpkg -x libc6_2.15-0ubuntu10.2_ []