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Sidekiq 3 Memory Killer

photo_small My Sidekiq 3 installation seams to be very hungry in respect of memory. If you dig through the Net you'll find a lot of similar reports. For e.g. the unicorn web worker a memory-killer script exists which should prevent running into Madland. So I thought I take an example and do a similar thing for the sidekiq workers. If you give them time and send a graceful kill signal there shouldn't be any data-loss either. #!/bin/bash # check if script is []

Scala: Sum up values in a Map

photo_small Some addition to my previous code snippet post. scala> val m = Map("k1" -> 1.6, "k2" -> 2.2) m: scala.collection.immutable.Map[java.lang.String,Double] = Map(k1 -> 1.6, k2 -> 2.2) scala> m.foldLeft(0.0){ case (a, (k, v)) => a + v } res16: Double = 3.8000000000000003 Instead of pattern matching you can also use the underscore solution: scala> m.foldLeft(0.0)(_+_._2) res40: Double = 3.8000000000000003 The []