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Galaxy S3 Mini Repair Broken Display

photo_small (The image quality is not the best I had to improvise. Normally I do the pictures with my phone) The last motorbike tour was awesome! Except for the part when I broke my phone. I already thought about buying a new phone and when I did some research I came to the result that I would re-buy the S3 Mini. The size is perfect, it fits into any pocket and in my opinion the camera make some great photos as well. While thinking about buying the same phon []

TomTom Rider and the GPS quest

photo_small I bought my TomTom a couple of years ago and still, I am very happy with it. The Rider was one of the first navigation systems with the so called function "Find a curvy stretch"! For a motorbike enthusiast this function will eliminate a huge amount of planning-time. I used this in several holidays without any complaints and great routes. But the post is actually about the only annoying thing I had since I bought it. A couple of days ago []

Prevent Spotify from "freezing" on Linux

photo_small I am a big fan of the Awesome-Windows-Manager for Linux but since a couple of weeks the Spotify-Client is freezing the X-Server for couple of seconds after a track change happened. I've already been thinking about that this has something to do with the track notification from spotify. After some research I discovered the option ui.track_notifications_enabled. After disabling the track notification, Spotify worked quite well again! It can be used []

Scala: Sum up values in a Map

photo_small Some addition to my previous code snippet post. scala> val m = Map("k1" -> 1.6, "k2" -> 2.2) m: scala.collection.immutable.Map[java.lang.String,Double] = Map(k1 -> 1.6, k2 -> 2.2) scala> m.foldLeft(0.0){ case (a, (k, v)) => a + v } res16: Double = 3.8000000000000003 Instead of pattern matching you can also use the underscore solution: scala> m.foldLeft(0.0)(_+_._2) res40: Double = 3.8000000000000003 The []

Driving motorbike in Dezember

photo_small In November I thought about driving motorbike, but it was already too cold in Germany. My first idea was to put my bike on the train and leave the country to south, but to my surprise the car-train is a dead end. Most of the provider want to get rid of it cause most people don't use it. Well after that knowledege there was only one thing left. Fly to a different country and rent a bike. After reading through different reports I ended up with http []