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Galaxy S3 Mini Repair Broken Display

(The image quality is not the best I had to improvise. Normally I do the pictures with my phone)

The last motorbike tour was awesome! Except for the part when I broke my phone.

I already thought about buying a new phone and when I did some research I came to the result that I would re-buy the S3 Mini. The size is perfect, it fits into any pocket and in my opinion the camera make some great photos as well.

While thinking about buying the same phone again, a friend of mine mentioned the possibility to change the display of the phone only.

I quickly found for the S3 Mini a display for eight bucks.

Well, eight bucks?! Lets give it a try!!

There are tons of YouTube tutorials for changing a phone display, but it is always the same:

  • Remove the battery
  • Warm the display with a hair-dryer (For easier removal of the display)
  • Remove the old glass
  • Add the new one

The first obstacle was that I have no hair-dryer :P Luckily we have some girls in our commune.

The second very annoying thing was that the glass was really shattered. I had to take my time to remove all the parts without damaging the display.

The worst part is over!! After all the glass was removed and the display cleaned,

I was able to add the glue for my new front.

And voilĂ  I successfully repaired my display for low money and without any experience at all :)